Moving to London

11th October 2018
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Moving to London? A few things you may find useful to know..

You are moving to London, one of the world’s most exciting and interesting cities. Your move is imminent, here are some things to may help make your transition to the english capital smoother.

  1. Useful transport stuff…

Use Citymapper to map your journey across town with route, time and price indications. Pre-book a taxi or order a ride anywhere in the city at anytime, with Uber. The best bit? No cash needed, all payments are made through your pre-registered credit card. Craving for Korean food? Get your favourite dish delivered to your doorstep with Deliveroo. Don’t forget to download Met Office for weather forecasts and Dojo or Great Little Place City Guide to be up-to-date about all the hip things happening in your city.

You’ve probably heard of the Oyster Card – this rechargeable pay as you go travel card will open the doors of the London tube, Docklands Light Railway and bus system to you. Buy it online or at any tube station. Public transport in London spans across six zones and is now rolling out a 24-hour service: Night Tube (Central and Victoria lines) and bus lines connect Central London to the outskirts of the city. Sporty types will appreciate Santander Cycles, self-service bikes available for short journeys from as little as £2. Black cabs, taxis and Uber cars will also help you make your way around the city.

  1. Paper still matters…

If you are on the verge of renting the apartment of your dreams, make sure that you have your ID to prove that you are you! AmroLiving have apartments in some great locations coming soon – they have an uber easy online process for renting, try them out for size! When you go for a viewing, make sure you have a digital and, preferably, paper copies of your documents. Here’s a quick checklist for you:  a valid photo ID, bank statements, evidence of employment, a reference from your previous employer and printed resumes (if you are actively job hunting), a proof of previous and current address like a utility bill

  1. Londoners have their own rules…

What do foxes, jaywalking and postal codes have in common? When you move to London you’ll have to familiarise yourself with all of them. The British capital is full of red urban foxes. It is not uncommon to cross one on residential streets in the middle of the night or in open green spaces. Jaywalking? While it is illegal in most European countries, but you can get away with jaywalking in London, though try not to get run over by a cyclist or a car- it is a very busy city! And unlike in most countries, British postcodes are quite elaborate. They are composed of compass-points district code and a sub-district serial number – SE1 8SE, for example – guess what – they are pretty helpful in narrowing down your property search!

  1. Medical stuff..

There are a couple of tedious, yet very important things that you have to sort out upon your arrival – Registering with your local general practitioner, or GP, is one of them. And how do you go about it? Once you have an address and a proof of residence, look up a practice in your postal area using the National Health System (NHS) index and then get registered. Again AmroLiving are super helpful, their staff will assist you with all these bits and pieces to make your move-in a breeze.

  1.  The world’s best museums, exhibition and festivals..

One of London’s greatest assets is the sheer number of free events that take place at any one time. Most of London’s museums are free, including the V&A, The British Museum and the Welcome Collection, and there are regular art and photography exhibitions which will cost you nothing to visit, and you’ll come out feeling enriched by your experience!

If you are looking to rent with AmroLiving their friendly on-site staff will provide you with an orientation tour if you’d like one – it will also be an opportunity to meet your neighbours and enjoy a cultural trip into town.


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