Tips to help with renting in London

21st November 2018
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1) Research

Writing down a list of requirements for your rental property is a good way of making sure you find a place that suits your needs. Wondering where the best places to live in London are? Do some research into London areas – check local facilities, transportation options, security issues, and distance to places you will need to travel to.

Set yourself  a budget – make sure you include the cost of bills and agency fees into the price. Although renting with AmroLiving there are no fees or hidden charges.

It’s who you know not what you know, and asking friends, family and work colleagues if they know of any great areas is a clever way to find somewhere to rent. This can often save you a lot of time and money while helping you avoid dealing with estate agents.

Social Media is also another great place to ask your friends, make sure you narrow your search down to suit your specific needs for commutes and being close to your loved ones.

2) Sharing

Sharing an apartment with a flatmate is a great option to save some money. Most young professionals choose this option as a way of starting out in London. It will help you meet people and can lower the costs of renting a property.

Make sure you meet your future housemate before signing any agreements, though – you want to make sure you get along and will enjoy the sharing experience. At AmroLiving, the friendly on-site team can help you find a good match – they’ll go through all the stuff with you, including your allergies to ensure that you end up as a happy sharer.

3) Stay Safe

Always meet the property management company, landlord or the real estate agent in charge of the property before handing over any money. 

Never pay your rent or deposit in cash – it should always be an electronic or credit card payment that you can trace back and keep a record of.

You should also check the property and make sure there is a detailed inventory of all the items signed by both you and your property management company, landlord or agent. Record any issues that exist in the property and photograph any incidents of damage so that you are not charged for repairs when you leave. If you choose to live at AmroLiving, the whole process of renting is made hassle-free and without any hidden charges for you.

4) Stay Flexible

While living in the centre of London amongst all of the action would be thrilling, it is a lot more expensive than areas on the outskirts that are well-connected by transport. You can save a lot of money and enjoy a truly broad London experience by living in zones 3 to 6. AmroLiving have some great properties in well-connected locations.

When looking at outer districts check transport connections. Find out how much it would cost for you to commute and whether or not the savings are worth the distance. Check out areas like Ealing and Kingston that have their own distinctive characeteristics and are great locations to be in at weekends when you are not at work.

5) Be Prepared

Demand for property in London is high and you can find yourself looking for somewhere to live for weeks before you are able to secure a property. As a result, you will be competing with a lot of other people in the same position as you.

House hunting takes time and a lot of preparation –  if you are disorganised you may miss out on a great rental opportunity. Keep a diary of all your viewing appointments and note down the time, address, the name of the person you are meeting and any other important details.

Keep a list of questions that you have about the property such as facilities in the surrounding area, cost of monthly bills and any aspects of the property that you want to know about.

Being organised will help ensure you are in the right place at the right time and increase your chances of securing a rental property.

6) Enjoy next generation renting with AmroLiving

AmroLiving provide fully managed, well-designed apartments for rent in convenient locations in Greater London, such as Ealing, Croydon and Kingston.

Fully managed properties are cared for by their friendly on-site staff, allowing residents to free up their time to enjoy living.

For further details check out Amro Livingit is more than renting, it is a lifestyle choice!


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